With Sarkozy out, French startups throw a tantrum

Just days after France elected a new President, startups and entrepreneurs are lining up to decry François Hollande and saying they want to quit a hostile environment for business. At least they’re not threatening to go on strike.

France’s Viadeo has ‘headstart’ on LinkedIn in China

With $32m in the bank, French professional networking site Viadeo is expanding internationally — and the head of its Chinese operation says that the company is expecting to go head to head with Reid Hoffman and LinkedIn.

Viadeo gets $32m to become LinkedIn for the world

French business networking site Viadeo has long played second fiddle to LinkedIn. But with a fresh round of funding in the bank, the company plans on becoming the world’s leading player thanks to growth in countries like China, Russia and Brazil.

Jolicloud evolves again with ‘personal cloud’ search

French startup Jolicloud has spent the last few years trying to do ambitious things with cloud-based computers, operating systems and portable desktops — but it’s failed to get much mainstream traction. Can its new service for centralizing your data change all that?

With new app, Sharypic aims to be Instagram for events

Location-based photo sharing app Color famously flamed out after raising millions of dollars in funding. Now, with them out of the picture, French service Sharypic wants to step into the gap and provide photo sharing for events. Can it compete in a crowded market?

Paris power play feels like deja vu all over again

Another month, another summit in Paris to discuss the future of the Internet — and another debate that ends up in the same old arguments about copyright infringement and law enforcement. Are we doomed to keep repeating our mistakes, or can we ever move on?

Apple to Open New Retail Store in Paris

According to reports today on ifoAppleStore and French mac site MacPlus, Paris is getting a new Apple (s aapl) retail store before the end of the year.


The Carousel du Louvre retail store has been adorned with banner graphics depicting the iconic colours and white click-wheel design of the iPod Nano. The largest of the banners reads “Apple Store Carousel du Louvre. Bientôt.” (For those of us who don’t speak French, “Bientôt” means “shortly” or “in the near future”.)

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the graphic resembles the famous La Pyramide Inversée (The Inverted Pyramid), a giant skylight in the shopping mall at the Louvre Museum. ifoAppleStore cites “a tipster” who said that in 2007, Steve Jobs himself said a store would open in Paris that same year.

OK, so, maybe it’s a little late. But combined with the Windows 7 Café, this does – finally – give me a good reason to visit Paris.

Photo courtesy of MacPlus

New Work City: Coworking and More in Manhattan

newworkcitylogoNew Work City is more than just a Manhattan coworking center; it might even turn out to be a movement. One thing is for sure, the founders of NWC are not sitting idly by during this economic crisis.
Founded in November 2008 by Tony Bacigalupo (co-author of “I’m Outta Here: How Coworking Is Making The Office Obsolete”) and Sanford Dickert, NWC has two central objectives: 1. To provide community workspace for location-independent workers, and 2. To facilitate entrepreneurial activity in NYC. Read More about New Work City: Coworking and More in Manhattan

Come to Paris and Leave Your Laptop Behind

I did it once, three years ago, for 10 whole days!
I was coming to Paris and knew it was going to be one of those out and about all day and half the night and with a side trip to another country kind of vacations. And it was January, which meant heavy luggage. What was I going to do, lug my laptop around with me? Leave it in a safe? Certainly not in the room!
And when, realistically, was I going to use it? Those café tables are hardly big enough for two beers. I knew from experience there was a computer in the lobby of my hotel where I could check my e-mail for X Euros per X number of minutes. So the laptop stayed home. It was not easy.
Now the days of deprivation of this magnitude are over, luckily for you! Prepare yourself for the Parisian dream geek vacation.
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Buddy, Can You Spare a Desk?

The triplets are due any moment now, and that means so is your mother-in-law. Or your precious baby girl has just graduated from college and has no more of a clue than she did the day she started, so she wants to come home for “a while.” Or maybe you’re moving back in with mom and dad yourself…
You can kiss your home office good-bye (hopefully temporarily). So now what?
There may be co-working spaces near you, but they’re not quite as ubiquitous as Starbucks yet… You can dig (and dig and dig) through craigslist and hope it’s your lucky day and that your dream workspace will appear in the first 10 listings (because looking at any more than that is mind numbing and hazardous to your health) and that the people with the perfect space for rent that miraculously appears in listing number seven actually respond to you when you do contact them. (I have a very low tolerance for classifieds sites, can you tell?)
You can go to Regus, the slick, corporate rent-a-workspace/meeting room/virtual office people, and deal with “a representative” who will probably try to sell you a plan or a package or something. (That’s just the impression I get from looking at their site and knowing how American businesses operate… I could be wrong.)
Or… You can check out ShareYourOffice.com, a new project with a whole lot of potential. It’s a free service for people who need office space, or those who have extra space they’d like to fill with a warm, rent-paying body.
Wait! Before you say, “Not interested” and stop reading, think of this: it’s a French startup. Parisian. Which means most of the office spaces (at the moment) are in Paris. Ever dreamed of living and working in France?
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