Web Working, Paris Style

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the first TechCrunch Meetup in Paris on Tuesday. I confess, I don’t enter the tech meatspace very often, generally preferring to observe from afar via the Web. But I couldn’t pass this up.

I didn’t find the millions of euros I was hoping for (I admit I didn’t try very hard). But I did find some real live French web workers/startup founders (including a delightful web-working couple with the delightfully French names of Sylvain and Jacinthe) and a startup with an app we web workers can use (more on that soon).

I also discovered La Cantine, which is where the event was held. It’s a great co-working space run by Silicon Sentier, a nonprofit networking organization for tech professionals.

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WWD Meets TechCrunch in Paris

I get to go to the first TechCrunch Meetup in Paris today!

I’ll be wearing two hats there (hopefully neither of them a lampshade, but there will be an open bar, so we’ll see…). One is my entrepreneur hat; of course I’m hoping somebody who hasn’t lost all his or her wealth in the crash will dig my elevator pitch to the tune of several million Euros. But aren’t we all? I’m sure there will be lots of talk about the Wall Street fiasco and what it means for the tech industry and entrepreneurs looking for funding. Should be interesting.

The other hat is my web worker hat.

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Destination Paris: 5 Things I Must Do

leweb.gif I am en route to Paris to attend the Le Web 3 conference. (If you are interested in attending the conference, you can get a 100 euro discount by going to this web site.) I have a day to myself — i.e. no conference duties. I am wondering, what are the five things I must do in Paris before I come back?

I want to know a great restaurant that doesn’t give anorexia to my charge card. Also, what is the state of Wi-Fi in Paris, because I need to use my N95 to make VoWiFi calls. Most importantly, I want to buy a cool laptop bag in Paris. Any recommendations on where to go?

Might not need Starbucks thanks to XM

Coffee_manHmmm….those Coffee Break posts we do from Starbucks might be harder for me to come by. I was checking out the XM Radio web page to see if they’ve added any new channels and I stumbled on channel 75 shown below. The channel name is "Hear Music" but it was the description that got me: "The Sound of Starbucks". I’m listening right now since you can stream XM over the Internets if you’re a subscriber (to XM, not the web!) and I’ve got a cup of coffee here too. My WiFi, not the $20 a month T-Mobile Hotspot WiFi. Now I can’t make a White Chocolate Mocha here, but hmmm……no double-bag hoodlums to worry about…kinda appealing to me. Somebody call me when Starbucks starts a delivery service here in the sticks…


Vista shadow copies- not just for breakfast anymore

413RestoringAShadowI lost all my recent OneNote notes due to a stupid blunder.  The jkOnTheRun community responded (and are still responding) with good backup suggestions that I am going to consider to prevent this from happening again.  Reader Ryan Kabir left a comment and sent me an email with the two words that I’ll never forget– Vista’s shadow copies.  OK, that’s three words but you’ll have to forgive me as I am as giddy as one can be without chemical influence.  Ryan’s comment pointed out correctly that in Vista, shadow copies are activated by default (at least I didn’t specifically enable them) which means the OS saves snapshots of user files when they are modified.  I’ve just spent 30 minutes, the most fun I’ve had in a good while, recovering EVERY SINGLE OneNote file that had been overwritten. Every. Single. File.

Vista and Ryan have come to my rescue and I am now grinning like the village idiot with all of my notes back where they were before catastrophe struck.  Big shout out to the Vista team for putting shadow copies into the OS for just such an emergency.  And all I can say to Ryan is– I love you man!

Stoke-ing the Cellular+WiFi Fires

Last time I met with Randall Kruep, he was out pushing Procket Networks. And now he is heading up a new start-up, Stoke, which is building products that help cell phone networks play nice with WiFi networks. With funding from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins, the company is going to be out duking it out with the likes of Kineto Wireless, NewStep Networks, and BridgePort Networks. Of the lot BridgePort, which has the most traction, and I have heard mostly good things about them from my carrier contacts. So unless, Stoke has something unique, not sure if being this late to the game is going to reduce their chances. Cingular and T-Mobile are two carriers who have expressed interest in this kind of convergence, but the EV-DO backers Sprint and Verizon are lukewarm about this trent. C/Net News.com has all the details.