Samsung adds to the pile with Australian lawsuit

Samsung has officially fired back at Apple in Australia, filing a cross claim today with the Federal Court of the country. The claim says that Apple’s iPhone and iPad infringe upon seven wireless patents held by Samsung, and seeks to invalidate some of Apple’s patents.

Apple files countersuit against Samsung in the UK

Apple has fired back against Samsung in the UK, where the Korean company originally filed suit against the iPhone maker in June. In a new countersuit, Apple argues that Samsung’s Android tablets and smartphones infringe on its iPhone and iPad designs, not the other way around.

Preliminary injunction against Galaxy Tab 10.1 upheld in German court

Apple won another victory in court Thursday in its ongoing patent dispute with Samsung, when German judges upheld the existing preliminary injunction against Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Germany. The injunction will now remain in effect at least until the court rules on Sept 9.

Dutch court issues injunction against Samsung Galaxy phones

Apple has won a preliminary injunction in a Dutch court on Wednesday which prevents the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones in the Netherlands, and could affect sales across the E.U. It’s a clear sign that Samsung’s patent headaches won’t be limited to tablet devices.

Google might have more patents than Apple, but so what?

Google could hold more patents than Apple, according to intellectual property investment bank MDB group. On paper at least, it looks like it could put Google and Apple on equal legal footing. But in reality, there are a few reasons why that won’t happen.

It’s time to start worrying and hate the patent bomb

With patent lawsuits flying around the mobile business like never before, it’s easy to get lost in exciting headlines about billion dollar settlements. But the reality is that the industry is playing a game of mutually assured destruction that could strangle the world’s most exciting technologies.

Why Nokia deal with Apple may spark mobile patent war

After nearly two years of accusations over patent infringement, Nokia and Apple have signed a peace accord. But rather than end the rash of patent lawsuits across the mobile industry, the deal could send the Finnish company on the warpath.

Lodsys Fires Back With Lawsuits for Some App Developers

In response to Apple’s letter claiming that the license it holds for using technology ostensibly patented by Lodsys, the patent holding firm has filed suit against a number of App Store developers Tuesday. The firm claims Apple’s license does not in fact extend to developers.

Samsung Countersues Apple for Patent Infringement

Samsung said it would answer Apple’s recent patent suit “actively,” using “appropriate legal measures” and it has made good on that promise. The South Korean electronics manufacturer filed suit in multiple cities. The complaints allege that Apple infringed on mobile communications tech patents held by Samsung.

Kodak Faces Another Polaroid Moment in Apple, RIM Dispute

A ruling today on whether or not Apple and RIM violated a patent held by Kodak could add more than $1 billion in revenue to the camera company’s bottom line. It’s a decision that could have a significant impact on the company’s future.