First Details Emerge About TechCrunch TV

TechCrunch revealed this weekend that the site is about to launch a 24-hour web TV channel dubbed TechCrunch TV next month. The channel will be spearheaded by TechCrunch columnist Paul Carr, who has been contributing to the site as a weekly columnist for close to a year. Carr wrote in the announcement that TechCrunch TV will “focus… on the people behind the stories” TechCrunch is known for, but was shy on the details. I decided to give him a call and find out more.
Turns out, we won’t have to endure Michael Arrington ranting in real time for several hours a day. TechCrunch TV won’t be live 24/7, but will involve lots of pre-produced programming. Asked why the blog isn’t taking the Leo Laporte approach of continuous live streaming, Carr replied: “I think it gets boring very quickly.”
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