Patterns & fallacies: Why they have no place in my Silicon Valley

If history has taught us anything, then the line between patterns and fallacies is nearly invisible. In a place where we talk about inventing the future, the patterns (or fallacies) of the past can prove to be counterproductive and create unnecessary biases.

Is Quora’s quest for growth worth alienating key users?

With $50 million in the bank this summer and co-founder Adam D’Angelo saying the company wants to grow to 100 times its current size, Quora is clearly on a quest for new users. But the company needs to weigh carefully what it’s worth to get there.

So that’s why BufferBox is so hot

Amazon is increasing the speed with which it is rolling out its Lockers across the country by partnering with retailers such as Staples and RadioShack. That attention is helping lift the fortunes of startups that want to take on Amazon — BufferBox being one of them.

Born to help make the rent, Airbnb grew from good design

Airbnb, the darling success story of Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, began with a few design guys in San Francisco renting out an air mattress to customers, but the service has grown immensely since then, and Joe Gebbia, the company’s co-founder, said it was all about design.

What numbers and a new book tell us about the Y Combinator way

What does it take to earn admission into Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s oldest and most prestigious startup incubator? A new book that followed a batch of startup founders from admission to demo day takes a look behind the scenes at Paul Graham’s startup institution.

Has Facebook popped the bubble or just let off some steam?

Paul Graham of Y Combinator has warned startups they have to be more cautious in the wake of the lackluster Facebook IPO. But did Facebook really pop a venture-financing bubble, or did it just allow some of the steam to escape from an overheated market?

Lunch, disrupted: ZeroCater helps startups get fed

If your company gets its food catered every day, you’ve probably heard of ZeroCater. More than just an awesome service, it’s also a great story about one dude that created a business by solving a problem for himself and offering that service to others.