American Express’ Serve digital wallet now serving Verizon devices

American Express’ Serve digital wallet is on a roll lining up carrier partners. Verizon announced Monday that it will support Serve payments on many Verizon smartphones and tablets in the coming months, allowing people to pay for online and offline goods by entering their phone number.

Verizon users can now buy stuff with their phone numbers

Verizon Wireless is tapping Payfone, an emerging mobile payment platform, to offer its customers a way to pay for online items via their cell phone bill. The deal illustrates the kind of scale Payfone is putting together with its new payment service.

Today in Mobile

Mobile payments are back in the headlines today with Verizon Wireless’s announcement that it will team with payments processor Payfone to enable consumers to make online purchases with their handses, with carrier billing as an option. What’s interesting here is that VZW is already part of Isis, a mobile payment joint venture that includes several carriers as well as Barclay’s and Discover. So Verizon is forging multiple alliances as the era of mobile payments grows near. That’s a very wise strategy for anyone trying to make a buck in mobile payments.

Money Continues To Chase Money on Mobiles

With the worldwide mobile payments market expected to grow to $634 billion by 2014, a lot of money is being poured into mobile payment startups. If that wasn’t enough, it looks like carriers are teaming up to start a mobile payment company of their own.