Steam is now bigger than Xbox Live

Maybe indie is popular after all. Gaming company Valve announced today via email that its independent-focused platform Steam experienced 30 percent user growth in the past year, pushing the total active accounts to 65 million — more than Xbox Live. Microsoft estimates that its platform has 48 million accounts, while Sony’s Playstation Network claims 110 million.  Valve will enter with a broad user base into 2014, where it hopes to convert those fans into loyal Steam Machine buyers. But it’s a sign that PC gaming isn’t as ailing as everyone expects.

Million-unit milestone for Raspberry Pi shows UK can still make stuff

The United Kingdom isn’t much of a manufacturing hub these days, except for… computers? Yes, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which makes ultra-cheap computers for educational purposes, has  built more than a million of the things in the UK over the last year (following a few months’ production in China). Some 1.75 million units have now been sold and, with partners such as Google(s goog) continuing to join in the fun, the platform continues to become more useful.