Today in Cloud

EMC has released VFCache (Virtual Flash Cache), its PCIe flash caching product formally known as “project lightning”. The storage giant introduced Flash into its Symmetrix VMAX arrays back in 2008 with the addition of solid-state drives (SSDs) as an option in its SAN arrays. VFCache extends that capability to the server and manages the data through to the spinning disk array, according to EMC. Putting flash closer to the CPU accelerates application performance more than placing it in the storage array. The trend driving the need for Flash technology and software to intelligently place data at the most appropriate location is customer requirements for ever faster access to important data. EMC’s competitors in this market, namely Fusion IO downplayed VFCache, claiming it’s for high-end EMC storage only, while its product works with any low-cost storage or commodity servers. EMC’s entry is good news as now there are products for all segments of the market, those with deep pockets and those without.

New Thunderbolt accessories signal renaissance of Mac customization

Want to customize your Mac? Unless you’re happy with making changes to the RAM, you face limited options these days. But a wave of new Thunderbolt accessories could soon help your Mac do a pretty good impression of more expensive professional machines, like the Mac Pro.