PaperC auctions itself to fund HTML5 textbooks

German startup PaperC adds a twist to the idea of academic textbooks by letting people purchase a single chapter — or even just a page. Now, in order to raise funding it’s not going a traditional route: it’s holding a public auction.

Hands on with Remarks, a remarkable iPad PDF annotation app

App developer Readdle has been busy lately. A big update arrived recently for its PDF Expert software for iPad, and now the company is also launching a new note-taking and PDF annotation app called Remarks. Here’s a hands on look at what the app offers users.

Kindle for iPad, iPhone update outshines iBooks

Amazon updated its Kindle software for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch on Tuesday, introducing new features that ensure its app stays on the top of the e-reader pile, even now that it has its own tablet platform available in the Kindle Fire.

Sprint leans heavily on Carrier IQ, while AT&T limits use

Though most U.S. operators use Carrier IQ’s handset monitoring software in some form, they’re not all using it to the same degrees. Sprint turns out to be Carrier IQ’s biggest fan, installing its software on half of all devices while AT&T uses it much more sparingly.

Lion 101: Working with PDFs in Preview

Preview is definitely one of the under-appreciated gems of OS X. Preview actually has two main uses. One for graphics and photos, and another specific to PDFs. There are certain very handy capabilities in Preview that are only available when working with PDF files.

Quick look: Document scanning in an iPad world

As I try to carry my iPad more and my MacBook less, one of the key reasons I still needed a portable computer was scanning. I’ve tested many portable scanners that still needed a computer, but now Visoneer offers a cross-platform, device-independent mobile scanning solution.

Apple working on a fix for potential iOS security threat

Apple is already working on a fix for a security flaw reported by the German Federal Office for Information Security Wednesday. The Mac maker said in a statement that it is “developing a fix that will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

Crocodoc’s New HTML5 Viewer Promises Better Speed and Accuracy

Online document service Crocodoc, which Thursday wrote about last year, is rolling out some new features that should make it easier to collaborate on and mark up highly-formatted documents, including PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, and PNG and JPEG images.

How-To: Using Automator to Combine PDFs

OS X includes a great tool called Automator, which makes it really easy to take the sting out of repetitive tasks. Recently, I ran into a situation where I had to combine a bunch of PDF files into one. Luckily, Automator makes it dead simple.

Bluefire Reader: An iOS E-reader With Adobe DRM Support

I’ve really been enjoying reading books using e-book readers. But while many e-readers are good at what they do, they are either tied to a specific vendor, or don’t support Adobe’s widely-used DRM. For reading such books, the free Bluefire Reader for iOS is now available.