Now hiring in tech? Pony up the perks

As millions of Americans grapple with unemployment, many technology companies are actually desperate to hire new people. Folks with skills such as software and web development are in high demand nowadays, especially in Silicon Valley. And startups are going to great lengths to lure them in.

Flex work perks: On the rebound after the recession?

In a terrible economy, budget-conscious employers cut benefits. But is the fledgling economic recovery now strong enough for employers to start sweating poachers and bring back perks? And did non-monetary benefits like flexible work arrangements ever feel the recessionary pinch?

What Web Workers Want (And Feel They’re Not Getting Now)

Sure, your company might have neat job perks, but unless it can also compete on the basics, it’ll likely lose staff to the job opportunities coming their way every day. Here are the five benefits the web workers I know want in their next job: