LanzaTech raises $56M, targets Asia with biofuel tech

Asia, with its rapidly growing number of car owners and large pollution problems, could very well be the biggest market for biofuels and green chemicals one day. LanzaTech, which announced Monday it has raised $55.8 million, is certainly finding more willing customers and partners Asia.

Apple is right where it needs to be at CES

Apple is at CES despite not having an official exhibiting presence at the show, according to a new report. More than 250 employees are reportedly registered to attend the show, which makes perfect sense if Apple wants to check out the competition without showing its hand.

Apple poised to double potential iPhone market in China

Apple is one step closer to nearly doubling its potential iPhone subscriber base in China, thanks to a new regulatory approval it secured in that country. Apple now has permission to offer a handset that operates on the network used by third-largest Chinese carrier China Telecom.

Is it time for Apple’s patent war to end?

In its fight with Android hardware-makers, Apple almost seems to see itself as a noble hero fighting a nefarious villain bent on stealing its identity and reputation. But just or not, is the fight one that makes sense to Apple from a practical and business standpoint?