German regulators want details on Apple’s use of Carrier IQ

Apple was probably hoping its statement Thursday about Carrier IQ, the software found to be installed on many devices that reports and records user activity, would be enough to reassure people any potential danger had passed. Some regulators, however, think Apple needs to do more reassuring.

Fjord sees personal info as tomorrow’s connected currency

On Monday at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2011 event, Fjord CEO Olof Schybergson discussed the thin line between love and hate that smart services tread when dealing with a customer’s personal data. How much shared info is too much, and how can we change where that line lies?

3 tips for taking your Mac in for service

Macs are fairly dependable, but there will still be occasions when you have to take them in for service at an Apple Authorized Service Provider. This can take some doing, so here are three tips about things you might not think about when moving your Mac.