Amazon launches pet e-commerce site

The team behind has made a new e-commerce site aimed at the other baby in the American household: the family pet. Quidsi, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of, is announcing Wednesday the launch of, an e-commerce site selling pet-related products.

Efficient Web Working for the Pet Owner

Working from home allows me to be a more involved pet owner, since I get to be around my pets all day.  Right now, I have two dogs, two cats, and a rooster.  (I also have a snail but it hardly gets in the way of anything.)  But having pets around while you work leaves you open to several distractions throughout the day.  How can you find the middle ground of enjoying your pet’s company without letting them disturb your work?

Know your pet’s behavior. By understanding your pet’s behavior and what it means for you as a teleworker, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions that would benefit your pets without getting in the way of your work.  You’ll also know how they’ll react to different situations, and how much of a distraction they will be.

For example, I know that Toby, one of my cats, is very independent and doesn’t care what I do.  Because of this, I don’t mind that he’s around when I work.  However, my other cat, Sasha, is attention-hungry.  If she’s around, I know I’m not going to get any work done.  So if I know that I need to do a lot of work, I try to avoid encountering Sasha.

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RedLasso: No Ceasing and Desisting for Us, Thanks

RedLasso, the television clipping service, today responded to cease-and-desist letters sent by NBC, CBS and FOX last week, saying it would “continue to make its site available for use by bloggers providing social commentary on newsworthy events as it continues to work towards cooperative, mutually beneficial arrangements with those and other content providers.”

“We believe what we’re doing is legal otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it,” RedLasso COO Al McGowan told NewTeeVee. The company said in a release that, “Clip usage by bloggers is an exercise of first amendment rights to provide social commentary on newsworthy events.”

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Battery life in XP: 4 hours. Same battery in Vista: 3.5 hours.

Fujitsu_umpc_2The topic du jour appears to be Vista’s impact on battery live and just so folks don’t feel the issue is constrained to us in the blogosphere, I had to point out this quote from PC World. The magazine took a look at the new Fujitsu UMPC, the FMV-U8240, and provides their first impressions. Buried towards the bottom of the article is this quote:

"Using the standard battery the machine will run 4 hours on Windows XP and 3.5 hours on Windows Vista."

There’s no indication if that statement comes from hands on testing or from Fujitsu at this point. I believe that it would have to come from a Fujitsu source as opposed to a PC World test, simply because the device was just announced. While PC World potentially could have had an advance review unit, the rest of the article has no real benchmarks or test results, so I’m thinking the statement was provided by Fujitsu; would love for someone in the know to comment and clarify. Meanwhile, if you’re running Vista on a notebook or UMPC, be sure to check out the freeware app Vista Battery Saver.