The Pirate Bay co-founder asks for clemency

Peter Sunde, co-founder and former spokesperson of The Pirate Bay, doesn’t want to go to jail. In a plea for clemency filed this week, he argued that the case against him was full of irregularities. Sunde also shared a few more details about The Video Bay.

The Pirate Bay co-founders file appeal with EU court

The Pirate Bay’s co-founders Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij mounted a last-ditch effort to overturn a prison sentence against them Wednesday, appealing to the European Court of Human Rights. The step comes after the duo exhausted all legal remedies within Sweden.

DailyMotion teams up with Flattr for crowdfunded video

Video portal DailyMotion is hoping to challenge YouTube woo more original content creators to its platform — by offering them the chance to raise funds directly through the site, in a new partnership with micropayments service Flattr.

Pirate Bay considers European courts after Swedish ruling

Peter Sunde, one of the Pirate Bay founders convicted of aiding copyright infringement, has told GigaOM that the group could go to the European court, after Sweden’s top judges refused to hear their appeal against a guilty verdict handed down in 2009.

Can Flattr Plus Twitter Make Micropayments a Reality?

Flattr, a micropayment startup, says it is launching a new feature that will allow users to pay people by using their Twitter username. Could this give Flattr enough scale to make it a real payment solution, or will it join the heap of failed micropayment solutions?

Social Micropayment Service Flattr Opens Up Beta

Social micropayment service Flattr opened up its beta test today, making it possible for anyone to give money Digg style: Flattr users can spread micropayments to online video makers and others by simply clicking on a Flattr button that is embedded into a creator’s web site.