Meet the man who wants to satirize Silicon Valley

British arch-satirist Armando Iannucci – best known for his documentary-style dissections of the political classes — is getting ready to take on his next project: a black comedy based on Silicon Valley’s worst moments of excess. Fish, meet barrel.

Vicarious gets $15M to search for the key to artificial intelligence

Founders Fund and Dustin Moskovitz’s Good Ventures have led a $15 million round in a company that is trying to replicate the intelligence of the human brain in software. Vicarious’ goal is to help humanity thrive by inventing the algorithm to create to intelligent machines.

Cue the protein printer: Peter Thiel invests in artificial meat

Sounds creepy, but someday we may need to change out the blood cartridges in our printers before we can print out dinner. Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs is investing in a cultured food startup called Modern Meadow, which aims to combine in-vitro meat with 3D printing.

20 Under 20: Reality TV that won’t embarrass Silicon Valley

Meet America’s young entrepreneurs: not through The Social Network or an overly dramatic reality TV series, but in a new documentary following the next class of Thiel Fellows, individuals emboldened (and compensated) to drop out of school in pursuit of their science and tech dreams.

Upstart funds promising student startups — and not just in tech

Former Google exec David Girouard’s Upstart wants to match promising, not-necessarily-techie college entrepreneurs with backers and mentors. The goal is to fuel the creation of a new generation of startups that would otherwise never see the light of day.

Why Summly’s 16 year old CEO wants to stay in school

Peter Thiel may be advising entrepreneurial kids to drop out of university to focus on building their ideas – but not everyone thinks the same way. Wunderkind app maker Nick D’Aloisio told me he still wanted to go to college, and explained why.

Is Peter Thiel warming to energy investing?

Investor Peter Thiel, who has long been bullish on cleantech investing, just announced that he’s the largest investor in a new potentially $1 billion growth fund that will back companies across sectors including in energy and those tackling resource constraints.

Felicis Ventures raises a new $70 million seed fund

Felicis Ventures, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based venture fund started by early Google employee Aydin Senkut has raised a new $70 million fund. The investment group is well known for its investments in Angry Birds’ parent, Inkling and Shopify. This is their second institutional seed fund.

Can Quora build a for-profit version of Wikipedia?

The $50-million funding round that Quora recently closed has raised some eyebrows. Is this just another example of a bubble-style atmosphere in Silicon Valley’s venture capital community, or is the crowdsourced question-and-answer site really onto something that could be a multibillion-dollar idea?

Quora gets $50 million. Q: Why? A: Because it can…

Quora, a Q&A service has raised a whopping $50 million in funding from co-founder Adam D’Angelo along with Facebook funder Peter Thiel, Northbridge Ventures and Matrix Ventures. One of the most over-hyped startups, the question is why is it valued so highly despite mediocre progress.