Avoiding Conflicts Within a Teleworking Team

It’s hard work to set up and supervise a teleworking team for some projects.  In the web content service I run, I need to gather work-from-home writers together and help them work as a team.  This is especially important for projects that require group cooperation and interaction, such as an ebook or a multi-authored blog.

One of the advantages of teleworking is that there’s less opportunities for workplace gossip and personality clashes.  Most teams approach their communications very matter-of-factly.  But I find that this isn’t always the case, especially when members each have very different working styles.

When managing a team of very different people all over the globe, what can you do to keep the team, and the work, from imploding?

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Plug It In, Plug It In, Say West Coast Utilities

Portland General Electric's PHEV charging station

West Coast utilities Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and Portland General Electric announced this week a few initiatives aimed at bringing electric vehicles closer to the road.

Portland General Electric said it will focus on building out infrastructure for the electric vehicles through a network of charging stations throughout its service territory. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi signed agreements with both Southern California Edison and PG&E to test a handful of its i MiEV electric cars over a three-year period. Mitsubishi says the partnership will allow it to test its battery technology; utilities will get a chance to test out how the vehicles can be used to smooth electrical demand on the power grid.
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Zimbra’s email quite impressive actually

Zimbra’s Ajax-based email is worth a look. It is one of the many dozens of companies that have popped up, and one reason to take them seriously – well they are backed by Eric Hahn, the man behind Lookout Software, which was a “search” application for Microsoft Outlook, something so good that Microsoft bought it for a few million bucks. Seems like Microsoft’s money being used develop an Outlook-rival: not that there is anything wrong with it. ((Don’t be impressed with buzzword heavy press release, that is seriously trying so hard, that you want to simply do what distinguished Japanese warriors used to do in ancient times.) There is the usual crew of VC investors, but from my perspective, Hahn knows email.

Its like Outlook except in a browser, and I am told the Mac-happy version is on cards. Oh course you could get an invite for Yahoo’s (oddpost) enhanced beta, and enjoy the goodness. I am still waiting for Satish to ping me when that happens. I still want an “outlook-like main” on Mac, because now the iCal and Address Book are showing their limitations. Oh by the way, I am going to be mad busy at the office and Web 2.0 conference, so apologies for slow posting. via Silicon Beat