How data science is helping charities save lives and their budgets

Rayid Ghani might be best known for leading the Obama for America data science team, but his latest mission is to bring that experience to bear on the nonprofit world through a research director role at the University of Chicago and a startup called Edgeflip.

Photocircle gives tourists a new way to help the needy

There are plenty of sell-your-picture platforms out there already that give people the chance to become semi-professional photographers. But German startup Photocircle has a twist: it’s encouraging those taking pictures to support social projects in the photogenic places they visit.

If you can’t fight City Hall, code for it

Working with small municipal governments doesn’t have to suck. In fact, according to Code for America founder Jennifer Pahlka, between the open data movement and a new generation of government workers, making your community better has never been easier. Code for America works with 26 fellows (applications end July 29), who take a year off to build applications for local governments. But you don’t have to be an official fellow to make a change. In this video, Pahlka explains how you can start working with local governments (spoiler: Just call city hall, SRSLY!) and what types of projects work best.

Causecast takes corporate philanthropy beyond the Fortune 500

Los Angeles-based startup Causecast this week debuted its Employee Impact Platform, a web-based program that connects companies and their employees with non-profits and charitable causes. With Causecast, small businesses can compete with larger, more established companies when it comes to offering employees ways to give back.