Departing T-Mo CEO Humm lands at Vodafone to run half of Europe

One day after Philipp Humm’s surprise resignation from T-Mobile, Vodafone announced he has joined its ranks. Humm won’t just be supervising one of Vodafone’s numerous European subsidiaries – he will take charge of eight carriers in Northern and Central Europe.

Memo to T-Mobile’s future CEO: Don’t change a thing

Philipp Humm is out at T-Mobile, and we don’t know why. Whatever the reason, the move is sudden, and T-Mobile finds itself looking for a new chief executive. We have some unsolicited advice for whomever that replacement will be: Don’t mess with Humm’s work.

CTIA: The good, the bad and the very, very ugly

I have a confession to make: I like CTIA Wireless. I’ll be the first to admit that the show is dying, but the problem isn’t it’s place on the calendar like most people think. The problem is much simpler: It’s the carriers.

T-Mobile is buying neither Verizon’s story, nor its spectrum

Verizon hasn’t exactly done a bang-up job selling its critics on the merits of its 4G spectrum consolidation plans. T-Mobile would be a prime candidate to buy up Verizon’s extra 700 MHz airwaves, but it’s not interested and wants the FCC to kill the Verizon-cable deal.

T-Mobile cutting workforce by 1900, shuttering call centers

T-Mobile USA is consolidating its customer service call centers, shutting down seven facilities in six states by the end of June but hiring new staff in its remaining 17 call hubs. The reorganization will result in T-Mobile’s workforce shrinking by 1900 staff, or 5 percent.