A new name in thermoelectrics: Silicium Energy

A quiet early stage startup called Silicium Energy recently got the equivalent of golden ticket: a seed investment from greentech investor Vinod Khosla. According to a filing, the company raised just $1.65 million, with backing from Khosla.

Biden, Chu: We’re at a crossroads for clean energy

It’s been hard to avoid the elephant in the room at the fourth annual National Clean Energy Summit. While the clean energy industry was eager to talk about the latest cleantech breakthroughs, the reality is that the industry is facing a difficult near-term funding future.

VIDEO: Making Money Off Of Capturing Waste Heat

Capturing waste heat from systems and turning it into usable power could be a good way to collect money. Watch my interview with Phononic Devices founder, CEO and President, Anthony Atti, from the sidelines of GreenNet last week.

Green:Net 2011: Announcing Our 10 Big Ideas Winners

Presenting our 10 Big Ideas winners, which are some of the most innovative in the digital energy space, and have novel “Big Ideas” for how to use information technology to fight climate change. The winners will present at Green:Net 2011 on April 21 in San Francisco.