Aviary arms mobile apps with photo editing tools

Thought you’d seen enough mobile photo apps? Well, Aviary has some different ideas. The New York City-based developer of advanced creative tools for photo, design and audio, is now bringing its web photo editing tools to mobile developers through an SDK for iPhone and Android devices.

The pursuit of stickiness: Twitter debuts in-app image galleries

Twitter has launched its own “user galleries” to aggregate all the images users have uploaded into their Tweets in one place. It’s Twitter’s latest effort to up its “stickiness” factor, the quality that keeps users clicking around an app and makes them visit it more often.

360 for Android phones: the “Instagram for Panoramas”

When thinking of social photo apps, iOS comes to mind with strong offerings like Instagram. But it doesn’t do panoramic images like 360 for Android does: the beta app doesn’t require a ton of processing power to produce a seamless 360-degree image that can be shared.

Photo Hack Day highlights rise of NY hacking culture

Come August 20 and 21, the next Instagram and Hipstamatic could emerge in New York City, ready to do battle in the increasingly tough photo app market. Those are the dates for the Photo Hack Day, billed as the largest photo hackathon for developers.

Is photo app EyeEm taking on mission impossible?

The market for photography apps and photo sharing services is crowded beyond belief, ranging from trendy startups like Instagram to heavily-funded monsters such as Color. So why does Berlin-based EyeEm think it can make an impact? And can it succeed?

Say Cheese: Social Photo Sharing App Throwdown

You want to badly share that photo of your cat wearing its pumpkin costume. It’s understandable. You’ve got an iPhone and Internet access, but which app best suits your needs? There’s recently been a mini-boom in social photo applications, so we’re breaking down the top contenders.