Hands on: Shared Photo Streams in iOS 6

Coming in iOS 6 this fall is a more social photo feature called Shared Photo Streams. We walk you through how it will work: how to set it up, and how you can then start sharing, liking and commenting on your iPhone-owning friends’ photos.

Hands on with Adobe Carousel for iOS and Mac

Adobe’s cross-platform photo management service, Carousel, is now available on iOS devices and the Mac. New apps for both platforms, released on Thursday, let you manage, sync, share and even edit your photo collection on all of your Apple devices.

What’s still missing from iOS 5, iCloud and OS X

While Apple delivered an overwhelming batch of updates, new features and new software in recent weeks, there are still some loose ends it could stand to tie up. Read on to discover why features like iMessage, Siri and AirPlay mirroring still feel somewhat incomplete.

iOS 5: Photo Stream, warts and all

With iCloud, Apple introduced Photo Stream, a new feature that automatically syncs your photos across iOS devices, Macs and Windows computers. It makes transferring photos absolutely painless, but comes with one big caveat: Synced photos can’t be deleted from iCloud as of right now.

It’s official: What stays and what goes from MobileMe to iCloud

In case you were an existing MobileMe subscriber wondering what services will and won’t make it through the transition to iCloud, Apple has posted an official FAQ detailing exactly what will make the cut, and addressing what will happen to iWeb and other services that don’t.