Here are Instagram’s five new filters

For the first time in two years, the photo sharing company is introducing new filters. This is a big deal for users, who express themselves, their emotions and their most glorious selfies through the tinted lenses.

The new shades are called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. Take a look below:

Screenshots of new Instagram filters

Screenshots of new Instagram filters

Along with the new colors, Instagram introduced a filter management tool. “We know that everyone has their favorite filters,” Instagram said in a blog post. “Tap [the Manage button]¬†to re-arrange the order of your filters and hide the ones you rarely use.”

Users can also now preview a photo they’ve taken in multiple blurred filter thumbnails to make it easier to choose a lens.

Instagram's new management tools

Instagram’s new management tools

Filters are key to the Instagram experience. Arguably, they’re the reason Instagram overcame other social photo sharing applications on the market. For the power users, Christmas came early.

Trover lets you catalog and share life’s hidden gems

If you think downloading yet another mobile app featuring photo-sharing, geo-location, and social networking is crazy, prepare yourself for a moment of insanity. MeetTrover, a nifty new iPhone app launched in May that perfectly fills the gaps left by Instagram, Foursquare and Yelp.

Xobni Co-Founder Returns With Postagram

Xobni co-founder Matt Brezina is back in the startup game with the launch of Sincerely, aimed at making it easy to print photos taken with mobile phones. Postagram, Sincerely’s first product, prints and sends postcards made from Instagram photos for 99 cents.

Deals: MacGraPhoto 2 Mac App Bundle

Last year, MacGraPhoto offered seven Mac graphics app for cheap. This year, MacGraPhoto 2 is offering nine apps for the price of one. It may be one of the last times bundles like this appear, with the imminent arrival of the Mac App Store.

Quick Look: Official Posterous App for iPhone

I’m a fan of Posterous, but I don’t actually use it all that much. For a while, I was using PicPosterous for iPhone to share photographic memories of special events, but the app was limited and it didn’t take. Now, Posterous has released an official app.

Today in Social

We talk a lot about the web being an open place, but all too often it’s full of conflict. Thankfully, some of the early, collaborative spirit has returned in the form of Microsoft’s scheme that combines Bing Maps, Photosynth and geotagged Flickr photos to stitch together an amazing street level, 3D, augmented reality view. The mashup manages to be both beautiful and useful – the way the web should be.