Why Is Photo Startup DailyBooth So Hot?

Daily BoothUpdated: When it comes to burgeoning social media sites, DailyBooth, a Y Combinator startup, has captured the attention of users and VCs alike. The startup’s web site prompts people to take photos of themselves and post them on a message board with a note. DailyBooth’s fast-growing audience, which mushroomed to 6.5 million unique visitors last month, has helped the site grab investors’ attention — and we hear from our Silicon Valley sources that many VC firms are clamoring to fund the upstart. (Update: DailyBooth cites Google Analytics as the source of the 6.5 million uniques figure; Quantcast and Compete put the site’s audience at a much lower number.)
The site’s visitors nearly doubled in August from the month before, according to DailyBooth founder Jon Wheatley. But when it came to talking about which venture firms the startup has been in talks with, Wheatley was tight-lipped. “As much as I would love to, I can’t comment on this just yet,” he wrote in an email. While Wheatley’s response is vague, the investor attention that DailyBooth is receiving may hint at a funding announcement soon. Read More about Why Is Photo Startup DailyBooth So Hot?

iTunes 9: Keeping In Sync

iTunes IconiTunes 9 brings about a much more flexible setup for syncing. It’s definitely an improvement, in some senses, but still far from perfect. In fact, many might be quick to term some of the options as “feature creep.” Check out some of our thoughts on the new options and look at the side by side screenshots of the syncing options to get an idea.
Syncing in general has been improved in the sense that users can now drill down and sync more specific content. Music can now be synced by a combination of playlists, specific artists or genres. Podcasts can be synced by specific episodes and TV shows can be synced by specific episodes or seasons.
New altogether is the ability to sync iTunes U content which also has its own category, instead of being mixed in randomly between podcasts and music. Photo syncing has also been greatly enhanced, allowing support for specific albums, events or faces. Searching has also been enabled in many of these areas to allow you to quickly narrow down your choices. While these are all great features, they have really intensified the syncing interface. Hopefully it’s not too much for some users. Read More about iTunes 9: Keeping In Sync

Aviary Expands Its Fluency With Photo Editing, Images, Effects and More

Last October, we published a post about Aviary, a suite of graphics-focused online applications that, at the time, consisted of three basic tools. Aviary has expanded since then to become a very popular, award-winning graphics suite — much more than the simple photo editor that it started out as. There are quite a few new modules in the suite. I’ve been using all of the tools recently; it’s one of the best graphics suites you’ll find. It’s also free, although a Pro version is available.

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Share Your Best Shots With an iPhoto Favorites Library

iPhoto IconI took to the soapbox recently about the lack of flexibility in iPhoto for incremental backups. I still don’t have a great solution that suits my particular needs and desires, though some useful suggestions can be found in the comments of that post. But here’s a little tip that may be useful if you’ve got lots of archived iPhoto libraries and you want to quickly drill down to the standout shots. I call it the “iPhoto Favorites Library.”

In my experience, a year’s worth of photographs is around 4,000 strong. Of those 4,000 image files, somewhere between 5 and 10 percent get four- and five-star ratings. Sure, most of my photos are important to me personally, but the majority aren’t the ones I’ll go to when showing off the kids to a friend on my iPhone. Now take into consideration your yearly (or whatever) iPhoto library backups, and you’ve got a mountain of photos in several different libraries to traverse before you find your those standouts. Read More about Share Your Best Shots With an iPhoto Favorites Library

Apple Releases iPhoto 8.1

iPhoto IconApple (s aapl) today released iPhoto 8.1, a free update to its consumer photo application. The update brings several new features for print products, including new themes and a larger book size. Consumers can now order “extra large” photo books, that start at $49.99 USD for a 13×10 hardcover.
This update for iPhoto also includes three new travel-related photo book themes: Old World Travel, Tropical Travel and Asian Travel. Each is based on the existing travel theme, but includes several unique backgrounds. Apple has also provided additional greeting card themes.
iPhoto 8.1 Themes
This free update is 161MB and can be downloaded automatically via Software Update or through Apple’s Support Downloads website.

Consumers Still Treasure Photographic Memories With Prints

shutterflyConsumers are still looking to hold onto their memories with hard-copy photographs. At a time when many tech-savvy users are uploading their entire photographic lives to Facebook or Flickr (s yhoo), many others — especially those with kids looking to send pictures to grandparents or other far-away relatives who might not be as computer literate — are going to sites like Shutterfly (s sfly) to get their digital pics printed out. Shutterfly yesterday reported its second-quarter revenue grew 10 percent year over year to $38.9 million, with customers and orders up 13 percent and 6 percent, respectively, despite the economic slowdown. Read More about Consumers Still Treasure Photographic Memories With Prints

Create a 3D Wall With Your Photos

iPhoto is perfectly capable of displaying your photos as a slideshow or one at a time. But you’re limited to a flat display that doesn’t exactly “wow” anyone. With one simple download, you can view your iPhoto collection on a visually stunning 3D wall, right in your Web browser.

Eye-Fi Explore Video: Photo and Video Uploads With No Cables

Last year, I wrote about the Eye-Fi card,  which has gone on to win numerous technology awards. It’s an SD card that has Wi-Fi integrated, so that you can wirelessly send photos you take directly to your PC or Mac, and they’re even automatically saved to a folder that you pre-define. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and it’s a great hassle-saver for all the types of work that I do with photos online. Recently, I upgraded to a better version of the card, the Eye-Fi Explore Video. In addition to wirelessly uploading photos in a completely hassle-free way, it does wireless video uploads to a PC or Mac, and geotags photos, showing where they were taken. Here are more details on why this is an essential card to have if you work with photos and videos.

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Missing Sync 2.0 Brings Apple Users and Their BlackBerrys Closer Together

blackberry-mac-bluetoothOnce upon a time, RIM appeared to be on the verge of joining this century and offering native Mac syncing support for Apple-friendly users of the BlackBerry smartphone devices. Unfortunately, nothing has yet come to pass with regards to this tantalizing release, so BlackBerry owners are stuck, for better or for worse, with third-party solutions for the time being. One such solution is Mark/Space, Inc.’s The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 2.0, whose name actually depends on RIM continuing to ignore their Mac customers.

The Missing Sync recently received a major update that will likely leave BlackBerry owners much more content to wait while RIM drags its heels. One of the most significant new features introduced is over-the-air syncing via Bluetooth, which is something I really wish my iPhone could accomplish, since it has everything needed to do so except for the software implementation. Read More about Missing Sync 2.0 Brings Apple Users and Their BlackBerrys Closer Together

New iPhone Case Backing Photos Making the Rounds

154412-chinaaSome new spy shots of what some sites are claiming could be the new back case of an upcoming iPhone revision have been popping up in all the usual places recently. The images are surprisingly clear and in-focus, considering the general quality of early leaked shots, and depict what appears to be a matte black finish with etched or inlaid metal Apple logo and product detail writing.

The original source of one of the photos, iPodObserver, and the source of yet another that appears to be of the same casing, MacRumors, are both of the opinion that the case-back is made of metal, though I have my doubts. Metal casing would be a move backwards in iPhone development, since the original reason for switching to plastic was to improve signal reception by reducing interference. It could be a rough or rubberized plastic finish with the same shiny inlay as the current generation, though, which in my mind would be a sexy improvement.
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