Developers will flock to public cloud in 2012

The cloud is looking pretty good to software developers this year, according to new Zend Technologies’ research. More than half of the 3,335 developers surveyed said they expect to use a public cloud for their work in 2012, with AWS being the top draw.

PHP fans embrace Metallica, fight Bieber fever

Metallica may not be the house band for PHP programmers, but it comes close. The heavy metal rockers are the group that most PHP coders like to listen to while they work, according to a new survey of 3,335 coders by Zend.

.NET comes to Cloud Foundry

Up-and-coming Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider Tier3 has made a significant contribution to the Platform-as-a-Service world by releasing a .NET implementation of the Cloud Foundry PaaS project. A fork project called Iron Foundry will serve as the primary source of .NET development within Cloud Foundry.

Facebook speeds PHP development again with HipHop VM

Never content with good enough when it comes to speed, Facebook has taken its open-source PHP-boosting HipHop technology to the next level for programmers. With the new HipHop Virtual Machine, Facebook claims it has improved upon HipHop interpreter performance by 60 percent.

Cloud Foundry adds PHP, Python; AppFog now a user

VMware has added support for the PHP and Python programming languages to Cloud Foundry, it open source Platform as a Service. Such news isn’t necessarily groundbreaking considering the project’s focus on multi-language support, but how it added PHP, at least, is very noteworthy.

Engine Yard goes PHP with Orchestra acquisition

Platform-as-a-Service veteran Engine Yard is getting on board with the recent trend of multi-language support by acquiring Dublin, Ireland-based PHP PaaS startup Orchestra. An industry shift toward supporting more than one language and/or framework likely influenced the decision to close the Orchestra deal now.

Facebook’s PHP Codebase: It’s Complex

Facebook today published an interesting visualization of just how complex its codebase is. Actually, the visualization is part of an application within the company, but it gets the point across: Making code changes is no small feat when every module is dependent on so many others.

Apache, Microsoft Take Baby Steps Toward Open Clouds

The dream of open cloud computing took a couple of small steps forward in the past 24 hours with Apache promoting the Libcloud project to top-level status and with Microsoft releasing a new software development kit for PHP applications on its Windows Azure platform.

RightScale, Zend Team on PHP Platform as a Service

RightScale and Zend are now offering a platform-as-a-service offering for developing PHP applications in the cloud. RightScale and Zend are targeting their joint RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack for enterprise applications that require advanced development tools and high service levels.

Morphlabs Tries to Reinvent Private Cloud Pricing

Los Angeles-based startup Morphlabs is rolling out two new features designed to bolster sales of its mCloud line of cloud computing offerings in a crowded field of management platforms. In doing so, however, it might actually be helping show the future model for internal-cloud software pricing.