Goyaka helps Flickr photo fans flock to Facebook

Moving Flickr photographs over to Facebook is not easy. Goyaka Labs promises a free, automated, fast way to transfer your photos en masse in a three-step process so they can be shared with friends and family. A Picasa version is also on its way.

No plans to kill the Blogger brand

A source familiar with Google’s Blogger division told us that contrary to web rumors, the search giant has no plans to send the Blogger brand on its way. Or to paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of Blogger’s death have been greatly exaggerated and re-tweeted.

These are the developers filling Google’s iPad app gap

Google hasn’t made nearly as many native apps for the iPad as it has for the iPhone, so you can probably count Google among those who think a web-based, cross-platform solution is just as good as an app for tablets. Luckily, third-party developers don’t agree.

Google Picasa 3.5 Takes Some Cues From iPhoto ’09

picasa_logoIn case you’re an Apple (s aapl) user who isn’t on board with iPhoto ’09, Google (s goog) has just updated its own free image management software, Picasa, which shares its name with the web-based Flickr rival. Picasa 3.5 for Mac takes a lot of direction from iPhoto ’09, borrowing at least two major features from Apple’s own software.

Picasa web users will recognize the “new” features for the desktop version, which haven’t previously been available on locally installed instances of Picasa in the past. They include face recognition, which Picasa calls “Name Tags,” and support for geotagged photos with location data. Read More about Google Picasa 3.5 Takes Some Cues From iPhoto ’09

Weekly App Store Roundup: Jan, 24. 2009


Unholster your iPhone and boot up iTunes because it’s that time of the week when we all gather round the App Store and have a look at some of the freshest picks from the last seven days.

While I’ve been wandering the boutiques and bars of Berlin this week, things have been busy for Apple (s aapl). First up was the Q1 conference call where Tim Cook — standing in for Steve Jobs — revealed that the $199 iPhone price point is working well. 

Less pleasing for those in Cupertino was a court ruling that, due to the fact that the first generation iPod Nano is overly susceptible to scratch damage, Apple is going to have to pay up to $25 to owners of the tiny damaged device.

Setting the serious stuff aside, let’s get down to business with this week’s App Store Roundup.

This week, I’ve been looking at iSniper, Slingshot Lite, Fantastic Contraption and Haruzou – Photo Uploader.
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WMWifiRouter: still lets your 3G phone be a hotspot, but it will cost you

Wmwifirouter_2Back in December we shared news of a free application that lets you use share the wireless broadband connection of your Windows Mobile handset with other WiFi devices. Essentially, your phone becomes a mobile WiFi hotspot with WMWifiRouter.The application was featured as a Freeware of the Moment and now you’ll see why that category is defined by the “moment”. WMWifiRouter is no longer free: a license will set you back $29.98, although if you have a need to share that connection, I think the price is reasonable for the functionality. Early adopters can hit use a promo code upon checkout, which will knock the price down to $22.48 so if you need this function now is a good time to buy. To run the app, you’ll need Windows Mobile 5 (AKU 3.3) or 6 and the Internet Connection Sharing application that comes with Windows Mobile. Check carefully if you have that application because some folks that watched our videos on how to use your phone as a modem over Bluetooth with a Mac or a PC mentioned that they didn’t have it. Although it’s part of Windows Mobile, it’s optional and some carriers have removed it.(via IntoMobile)

Google News Goes Local, Finally

In a move that is sure to strike fear in the heart of local news providers such as your newspaper or TV affiliate, Google News has added the ability to see local news based on your location. Aggregating local news stories from a variety of sources is nothing new for Google News, but this is the first time we have been able to see a specific city’s news items as a news category.

Ashton Kutcher’s Latest Prank: Room 401, WTF

Among the many annoyingly-addictive gimmicks J.J. Abrams has helped loose upon the world — TV show cryptograms, mysterious movie trailers, Alias — is that inescapably virulent strain of marketing known as the interactive mystery. The latest show to employ the format, albeit without Abrams’ imprimatur: MTV’s Room 401, named after the hospital room where Harry Houdini died.
The show, EP’d by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, is a reality series that pranks unsuspecting people with terrifying (but fake) situations: Crabs scuttling Alien-like out of a man’s chest at a sushi restaurant, a man who deep-fries his hand, a rat inside an arcade game, you get the idea. The show also contains, apparently, a series of easter eggs — subliminal messages by a doo-rag wearing Kutcher, directing videos toward an online mystery.
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