Microsoft Pink Coming Soon?

Microsoft is throwing a party for the media and it is widely speculated the guest of honor will be the two “Pink” phones the company has been working on for a good while. Microsoft bought the Sidekick folks and that team is producing Pink internally.

Award-winning Pink Might Make You Blush

Pink is one of those series that, frankly, I should have reviewed a long time ago. The adventure/drama focuses on Natalie Cross (Natalie Raitano), who kills people for a living — and is very good at it. But Natalie is haunted by her biological clock, memories of her tough-as-nails father and some occasional qualms about her chosen career path.
Created in 2007 by Blake Calhoun and Mike Maden, the show’s enjoyed a remarkable amount of success, with three seasons finding distribution across all platforms, including, most recently, Hulu (s NWS) (s GE). In addition, Calhoun beat out a talented group of experienced web series directors to win the Best Directing in a Drama award at the 2009 Streamys.
So it’s popular — let’s talk about whether or not it’s good. Sitting down with the show again for the first time since it premiered, I remained impressed by its high-quality production value. The only exception being some of the larger-scale action scenes (such as Natalie shooting at an off-screen helicopter at the end of Season 1), which felt a little awkward in execution. Read More about Award-winning Pink Might Make You Blush

Is There a Rosy Future for Microsoft and Verizon?

The Wall Street Journal this week reported that Microsoft and Verizon Wireless are developing a multimedia touchscreen phone slated for release next year. There’s some speculation about whether Pink, as the project is dubbed, is a smartphone, a suite of consumer-focused mobile services or simply an unfounded rumor. Regardless of its exact form, if Microsoft isn’t already at work on Pink, it should start. Today.