The IAWTV Awards nominees mix up the professional and independent

The IAWTV hit a major milestone in its evolution this week with the announcement of the first-ever nominees for the IAWTV Awards, honoring excellence in web video content and representing the web series world with a strong mix of independent and professionally-produced content.

Pioneer One Trailblazes a New Path to TVs

Distributed directly to torrent sites, the fan-funded sci-fi series Pioneer One has won awards, contended with guilds and, so far, been viewed over two million times. With the second episode set to launch in December, the big question becomes: Is this model sustainable?

BitTorrent-Distributed Pioneer One Is Now Number 1

Two weeks after the independently-produced Pioneer One‘s premiere, it’s become the most-seeded show on BitTorrent while also raising over $20,000 from fans for production of the next three episodes. But should the show’s producers seek out a steady source of funding — or stick to crowdsourcing?