Want better, not more connections? Check out Pipe

In this era of ever more social networks, it is hard to connect with one another. Pipe hopes to fix that. It sifts through your social graph and encourages you to get in touch with one person on your list. The rest is up to you.

Here’s how to get filesharing on Facebook with Pipe

After some serious beta testing, Facebook file transfer app Pipe is now ready for action. It allows users to send each other files to each other through the social network — and we have 5,000 invitations to get in early.

Dig Into Unix: Standard Streams


This is the third installment of our Dig Into Unix series, an ongoing look into the deep, geeky insides of the core of OS X. In the first part, we got to fire up the Terminal and take a look around the filesystem as the OS sees it, which is slightly different from how the rest of us see it through the Finder. In the second installment, we took a look at vi, the ancient text editor fit for kings.

Today, I’d like to cover a very basic, but very powerful, aspect of Unix, the three standard streams: standard in, standard out, and standard error. These three are normally abbreviated as stdin, stdout and stderr. Read More about Dig Into Unix: Standard Streams