Pivotal nabs OpenStack co-creator and Piston co-founder Joshua McKenty

Joshua McKenty, one of the early architects of OpenStack while at NASA, and a co-founder of OpenStack startup Piston, has joined Pivotal at field CTO for Cloud Foundry. He hopes to make Cloud Foundry, running on OpenStack, into what NASA envisioned several years ago.

Piston Cloud taps VMware vet Morrisroe as new CEO

Openstack private cloud player Piston Cloud Computing names Jim Morrisroe, who formerly headed VMware’s Zimbra group, as its new CEO. Co-founder and former CEO Joshua McKenty stays on as CTO.

Today in Cloud

NASA technical staff are on a roll, cloud-wise. The agency developed its own cloud, in the shape of Nebula. It contributed key pieces to the nascent OpenStack effort, and former CTO Chris Kemp recently reappeared with a startup also (confusingly!) called Nebula. Josh McKenty, another NASA cloud alum, today launched Piston Cloud. The company’s enterprise-ready secure cloud operating system, pentOS, is based upon hardened OpenStack code and a stripped-down Linux distribution, and is intended to give enterprise customers security and flexibility in assembling their cloud infrastructure.