Why VMware is spinning off Cloud Foundry and SpringSource

The decision by VMware and parent EMC to spin out VMware’s “tier 2” technologies into a separate subsidiary shows that they’re under pressure to compete with massive cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft in the enterprise.

Remember that VMware spin off? It’s baaa-aack

VMware plans to turn over SpringSource, Cloud Foundry, GemStone and other non-core technologies over to a new EMC-owned subsidiary, GigaOM has learned. The move helps separate the money-making, enterprise-focused VMware business from the future CloudFoundry unit that will compete against Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

EMC gets it: big data needs apps, too

EMC’s acquisition of Pivotal Labs proves the company really understands the big data market. Namely, that big data won’t go anywhere without great applications, and EMC isn’t the company to help customers figure out how to build theirs.

Exclusive: EMC Buys Pivotal Labs

EMC Corp. (s EMC), the Hopkinton, Mass.-based storage and cloud hardware company has bought Pivotal Labs, a San Francisco-based consulting firms well known for its tool Pivotal Tracker and also for its pioneering work on agile development methodology. I had first reported earlier this week.

Pivotal Labs is said to have been sold

Pivotal Labs, one of the smartest Web teams, known for its pioneering work in agile development, is in talks to be acquired, we have learned. The news will come sometime later this month. And we are still trying to pin down the buyer’s name.

Inside Pivotal Labs, the Agile Force Behind Twitter and Groupon

Pivotal Labs is a name that comes up often in regards to web startups like Diaspora, Twitter, Groupon and Gowalla, but it’s sort of an enigma. We paid a visit to Pivotal’s San Francisco office to see what it looks like and find out more.