Placecast links nearby offers with your credit card

Placecast is adding card-linked offers to its ShopAlerts location-based offers platform. Now, users can get a message about a nearby deal and then redeem it with a swipe of their credit or debit card.

Placecast arms mobile wallets with location-based offers

Placecast, which allows retail brands and operators to push out location-based offers, is now making its ShopAlerts technology available to mobile payment and mobile wallet providers. Retailers, operators or credit card companies with existing payment apps will be able to incorporate ShopAlerts into their apps.

How connectivity is revolutionizing everything

Blazing fast networks, cheap silicon, always-on devices and a torrent of data will fundamentally change everything — how we consume media, how we work, and even who we are. We examined 10 areas that show how connectivity is profoundly changing the present and future of technology.

O2 Turns on Geo-fencing for Starbucks, L’Oreal in UK

Geo-fencing is getting a major showcase with a roll-out by UK mobile operator O2 of an offer program that will target a million subscribers with Starbucks and L’Oreal coupons. O2 subscribers who opt in will get discounts on Starbucks and L’Oreal products as they pass by.

Mobilize 2010: The Next Big Idea Gallery

Cloudmade, Where, Placecast, Evri and Apigee presented their bids for the “next big idea” in mobile at today’s GigaOM Mobilize conference. If they’re an accurate sample, the future of mobile is all about location, smart filters and APIs.