Startups pass on Silicon Valley to find their fortunes in New York

In the past couple of months, New York has attracted former San Francisco startup Qwiki, PlaceIQ from Colorado and recent 500 Startups graduate Snapette of Boston, which spent the past half of a year in Silicon Valley. New York is becoming a destination for startups.

PlaceIQ raises $4.2M for location-aware targeting platform

PlaceIQ, a Boulder Colo. location startup, just raised $4.2 million to build up its index of location profiles that can be used to better anonymously target ads to mobile users.The company is relocating to New York City, to be closer to customers and partners.

Startups Find Ways to Target Mobile Users Anonymously

With the FTC’s crackdown on privacy extending to mobile, the shifting climate is opening up opportunities for start-ups like PlaceIQ and BlueCava that enable advertisers to target mobile users without personally identifying them.