Hadoop analytics startup Platfora raises $38M

Platfora has raised an impressive $38 million third round of venture capital in order to grow its next-generation analytics product designed to run on Hadoop data. The company has lots of momentum and a cool product, but also lots of entrenched competition.

White-hot BI-on-Hadoop startup Platfora now GA

Platfora, the San Mateo, Calif.-based startup that helped spur a general rethinking of business intelligence for a big data world, is finally exiting its beta period and is generally available. It’s no wonder the company has garnered so much attention given its stated mission to make Hadoop an interactive experience and to disrupt a multi-billion-dollar data warehouse and BI market.
Unlike legacy BI applications that generally connect to Hadoop but otherwise retain their old-school performance limitations, Platfora and its ilk have big data at their core. Platfora is built on Hadoop for scale, but the company also has its own IP around in-memory processing to improve the speed of slicing and dicing through data, and its HTML5 interface provides an easy way to navigate through lots of data points.

Justin Borgman Hadapt Tomer Shiran MapR Technologies Ashish Thusoo Qubole Ben Werther Platfora Structure Data 2013

Werther (far left) talking SQL on Hadoop at Structure: Data 2013 along with representatives from Qubole, MapR, Hadapt and Facebook.

I’ve compared this general family of products — in which I’d also include ClearStory, Precog, SiSense and Birst, among others I’m sure — to Tableau, albeit slightly (sometimes significantly) rethought and then jacked up on steroids to handle big data scale and/or speed. The big difference with Platfora, though, is that it’s built on top of Hadoop and is therefore part of an even bigger movement around that open source platform and a quest to build native SQL queries into a system designed for MapReduce.
We have been covering Platfora since its inception, from stealth mode to launch, and then a whopping $20 million VC investment in November.

Plotting a BI coup, Hadoop startup Platfora raises $20M

Less than a month after unveiling its Hadoop analytics engine to great fanfare, Platfora has raised $20 million to realize its mission of displacing the business intelligence and data warehouse incumbents. It’ll need every dime: although the competition is old, it’s also rich, entrenched and determined.

Cloudera makes SQL a first-class citizen in Hadoop

Cloudera has joined the fray of Hadoop companies trying to turn the big data platform into an engine for exploring data interactively using standard SQL. As the biggest company in the space, its new technology called Impala could go a long way toward changing Hadoop’s image.

Platfora shows a whole new way to do business intelligence on big data

Analytics startup Platfora is finally showing off its next-generation business intelligence software to the world, combining Hadoop, in-memory processing and HTML5 into an impressive product. It’s entering a competitive market full of large incumbents and other innovative startups all trying to change how we do BI.

How 0xdata wants to help everyone become data scientists

Although it’s still a work in progress, 0xdata thinks it has the answer to the problem of doing advanced statistical analysis at scale: Build on HDFS for scale, use the widely known R programming language and hide it all under a simple interface.

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