Will Publishers Choose the Open Web Over Apple’s Walled Garden?

Apple continues to sign up more publishers for its in-app subscription plans, the appeal of which is fairly obvious, but there also seems to be a growing wave of interest in doing an end-run around Apple and using the open web to offer a magazine experience.

Playboy Bypasses the App Store: A Model for Other Digital Magazines?

Playboy finally arrived fully uncensored on the iPad, but it couldn’t go through the App Store to get there. Instead, it’s a web app, sidestepping Apple’s rules and requirements. Sounds like a sweet deal, but is it a model that will be attractive to other magazines?

Apple’s App Store Growing Up With Playboy for iPad

Playboy is coming to the iPad starting in March. And that’s not just a big screen conversion of the watered-down app currently available on the iPhone and iPod touch. No, it’s the fully uncensored magazine, both past and current issues.

Video: Spotify’s UK Head On How Sceptics Misjudge Paid Content Businesses


UK country manager Jon Mitchell tells the AOP

“The crucial thing for businesses heading in to a world they’re not particularly familiar with, like News Corp (NSDQ: NWS) heading to paywalls: you’ve got to be flexible.

“There’s obviously lots of comment externally on these businesses, going ‘I’ve got rough numbers on the back of a piece of paper and it can’t work’, when they don’t necessarily know even the costs of the content and production of that product.

“We’ve been able to prove we’ve got half a million people prepared to pay for music. Suddenly, people thought, ‘oh that’s actually quite an achievement’.”