Games for the weekend: Tank Riders

Tank Riders is a good cross between a maze, puzzle and third-person shooter game. Thanks to well-thought-out maps, Polarbit has done an amazing job at keeping the gameplay interesting enough in single-player mode, while also making multiplayer competitive and fun.

5 music-focused iTunes alternatives for Mac

iTunes may be great for syncing your iOS devices, or buying songs, movies, apps and books, but it’s not exactly the most nimble music player anymore. Here are five great Mac-compatible alternatives that focus on the music, without the bloat that iTunes brings.

Formspring doubles down on mobile to fight unique user dip

Social Q&A site Formspring has experienced a dip in monthly unique visitors, as the two-year-old startup transitions out of the role of hot newcomer. The company is looking to aggressive mobile web and app development and an updated design to get the growth back on track.

Games for the weekend: Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf is a sports game that plays more like a platformer. Scoring is the same as in golf, but each golf course is designed more like a level from a Mario game than something you’d see on the PGA tour.

VLC for Mac Resting on Shaky Ground

The very capable, and conversion-headache-preventing (HUH?), open-source VLC player is one of the very first things I install on any new Mac, after Firefox. If you’re playing anything that isn’t a straightforward .AVI file, and especially if you want to play the notoriously tricky .MKV format, VideoLAN’s multiplatform player is an absolute necessity. Sadly, it might not be around for much longer.

VLC’s OS X incarnation is in danger, according to VideoLAN, due to a lack of developers working on the project. Right now, the total number of active devs on the OS X port of the software is exactly zero, which is threatening official support of the software beyond version 1.1.0. VLC’s current version on the Mac is 1.0.3. Read More about VLC for Mac Resting on Shaky Ground

Hulu Desktop Now Available for Mac

Hulu Desktop

Answering, in its own way, to the likes of Boxee and others who want some alternative way to view Hulu on their computers, Hulu has announced the availability of Hulu Desktop. Sporting a super-clean UI and support for using the Apple Remote, this free download is a must-have for anybody who frequents Hulu often.

The app is built on the Flash platform, so the system requirements are pretty moderate, requiring at least an Intel Core Duo 2.GHz Mac with 2.0GB of RAM. Currently available as a beta, this application provides you quick and easy access to your Hulu queue, as well as the ability to browse Hulu’s entire lineup of TV shows and movies.

The UI of the application is fairly snappy and easy to navigate, putting tons of content, your queue, suggestions and search at your fingertips. The experience is very refined for an application that’s still in beta.

Hulu Desktop is a free download from Hulu Labs. Read More about Hulu Desktop Now Available for Mac

Microsoft Finally Giving iPod Touch a Serious Competitor?


Apple (s aapl) isn’t the only company enjoying a storm of recent hardware rumors. Its chief competitor, Microsoft (s msft), is also under scrutiny due to whispers concerning a new addition to its Zune line of portable media players. Early reports gave the device HD playback capabilities, but little else was known about what it might offer. A new report by Teamxbox adds more intriguing details, describing a device that is well-positioned to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s entertainment portables.

Citing sources in both Redmond and Santa Clara, Teamxbox describes a “digital entertainment handheld” nearing the final stages of preparation for release. Dubbed “xYz” internally at Microsoft, the new portable is meant to be positioned between the Xbox and the Zune in Microsoft’s line-up (x-Y-z, get it?). The idea is that it will offer gaming and media playback, and also Internet connectivity and related features. Sound familiar? Read More about Microsoft Finally Giving iPod Touch a Serious Competitor?