Uber and Spotify team up to let you play music while you ride

On Monday Uber and Spotify announced a partnership in which the companies’ apps will be integrated. As a result, Uber passengers with premium Spotify subscriptions will be able to play Spotify selections from their own phones in some Uber cars.

The Smart Mac: iTunes, iPhoto & Aperture

iTunes PlaylistsThe last stop in our series of better file management through ideas based on smart folders brings us to iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture. All of these apps provide support for organizing your files similar to Address Book and Mail. The beauty of “smart” file management, of course, is once you have defined the frameworks for the album, folder or playlist, new content will automatically fall in place if it meets your rules.


The first time you noticed a smart “anything with a purple icon” was probably in iTunes. Besides OS X, iTunes is the only piece of software to ship with several built-in smart items. You’ve seen them before, specifically the 90’s Music, Classical Music and Recently Played playlists, to name a few. If you’ve read our previous articles, you know how those work now (and can just right click them to edit their criteria). Read More about The Smart Mac: iTunes, iPhoto & Aperture