Watching the game

Apart from that means for the linear TV service, by making nice with the service providers Microsoft may be able to use those integration deals to ensure that Xbox Live game play and downloads also don’t count against a user’s bandwidth cap.

Chasing cord-nevers

Viacom needs to cultivate over-the-top distribution platforms because its position with traditional pay-TV distributors is growing weaker.

The Tester: Sony’s secret reality TV hit

Move over, Fear Factor: Sony’s competitive reality TV show The Tester is a big hit with gamers, who have been watching the show through the PlayStation Network. The Tester’s third season, which starts this week, will for the first time also stream on the web.

OnLive gaming plays nice with Xperia Play controls

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone, aimed at mobile gamers, has a new twist that could add more appeal: OnLive’s cloud gaming service now supports the slide-out gaming controls on the Android smartphone. Touchscreens certainly work for games, but button-mashing is best done on…. buttons.

Microsoft’s big gaming gamble is finally paying off

Despite its commercial appeal, the Xbox gaming console has historically been notoriously unprofitable for Microsoft. But according to the company’s latest earnings report, Microsoft’s gaming division has finally started to earn its keep. Has the tide finally turned for the gaming console market?

OnLive Player will be the iPad’s answer to the gaming console

Nintendo is making a home console that incorporates a tablet, and the Sony PlayStation Vita borrows liberally from this generation of smartphones. But thanks to OnLive, gamers may not have to go looking for devices similar to their iPads and iPhone for a top-tier gaming experience.