Sony Xperia Play Ready for Verizon Wireless Gamers

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play hits Verizon Wireless May 26, with pre-orders starting a week earlier. As the first PlayStation-certified handset, Sony Ericcson hopes to boost flagging smartphone sales with the unique device. And unlike prior SE handsets, the Play launches with Android 2.3.

Tales of the Tweets: Osama Bin Laden Edition

The news of Osama bin Laden’s death that broke late Sunday evening has proved to be a cause for jubilant celebration, somber reflection, detailed analysis … and thousands of jokes on Twitter. Most of the bon mots fall into a few categories, which we’ve rounded up here.

Could “Cloud” Become a Dirty Word for Consumers?

With all the bad news about recent outages of Amazon Web Services and Sony’s Playstation Network, cloud-based services and the cloud industry needs to more proactively educate users to protect the “cloud” brand.

The Tester Aims to Engage With Another Season of Girls and Games

Season One of The Tester, the only original series produced for the Sony PlayStation Network, gave an aspiring game developer the chance to work for his dream company. But having watched some of Season Two, the show seems happy to excel at being unremarkable.

What Sony Must Get Right With Its PlayStation Phone

Sony is said to be working on a “PlayStation phone” that would bring a more immersive, sophisticated gaming experience to the mobile gaming community and beyond. While the market is ripe for such a device, Sony must deliver on a few key challenges to succeed.