Cisco’s Misguided Foray Into the Living Room

Cisco Systems, a company best known for selling mundane (albeit very lucrative) routers, switches and other networking gear, plans to launch a whole series of products at the upcoming CES that fall under the connected, networked entertainment category. But in order for Cisco to compete with Samsung, Sony and even Apple in the consumer electronics space, the company would need to rewire its entire DNA. And unfortunately, it ain’t got the skills.

Sony Cuts 8,000 Jobs — Time to Cut the PS3, Too?

playstation-3With the economy deep in the throes of a recession, the only question these days is who — or what — is next? Today it was Sony’s (s sne) turn, which, citing “the sudden and rapid changes in the global economic environment,” said it’s laying off 8,000 employees in its electronics division and shuttering 10 percent of its manufacturing facilities. In the subsequent corporate restructuring to come, “unprofitable or non-core businesses” are in the firing line, Game Industry Biz reports — most notably, the company’s Playstation division is under review.

What this means is too soon to tell, but if you were to ask me, I’d say it’s time for Sony to walk away from the Playstation 3 as much as possible. Read More about Sony Cuts 8,000 Jobs — Time to Cut the PS3, Too?

Vid-Biz: Anystream, DigiMeld, Sony DRM

Anystream Buys Voxant; encoding and rights management firm picks up licensed content distributor, financial terms not disclosed. (Multichannel News)

DigiMeld Launches Video Portal; DigiMeld TV lets video producers self-publish live or on-demand streaming channels. (release)

Sony Video DRM: One Download, One Re-Download; company’s video download restrictions could cause problems for people purchasing digital movies. (Ars Technica)

Slamdance Going Online; film fest partnering with to stream 2009 movie selections hours after they debut at the show. (Variety)

Two Video Search Services Launch; releases new search engine combines technology with human editorial, unveils an episodic video search engine.

AT&T to Offer 3 HD Streams to Customers; telco will deploy a new MPEG-4 compression scheme that will decrease bandwidth from 6-8Mbps to roughly 5Mbps. (DSLReports)

PlayStation 3, Now With DivX Support

DivX, the video codec company, says that its video format can be used to play back videos on Sony PlayStation 3. In order to watch videos on PS3, you will have to upgrade to version 2.10, available today. DivX CEO Kevin Hell had previously told us that PS3 would be the first of many gaming systems that will support playback of DivX video. Our resident hardware guru, Don Reisinger, is not entirely sold on the idea of video playback via gaming consoles.