FlashSoft gets $3M and SSDs get more cachet

Combine virtualization, big data and solid state memory, and you get a trifecta of technology buzz words that a few startups are trying to combine to deliver faster speeds on top of virtualized infrastructure. Plus, as speed becomes crucial, are hard drives still relevant?

Another SSD Hardware Startup Gets Cash. When’s the Shakeout?

Kaminario, which provides high-performance storage, has raised a $15 million C round of financing. As SSD startups hit maturity and the market for using solid state drives in data centers for high-performance and energy efficient storage heats up, when will we see the inevitable consolidation?

Fusion-io Gets $47.5M and Flash Storage Gets Interesting

Updated: Fusion-io said today it has raised $47.5 million in second-round funding led by Lightspeed Venture, and formally announced David Bradford as CEO. The enterprise Flash drive startup also saw Series A investors, including New Enterprise Associates, Dell Ventures and Sumitomo Ventures, return for this round of funding. The company is one of several trying to deal with the data deluge by using Flash memory to speed up access to stored information inside the data center.
Bradford, who had taken over the CEO role after former CEO Don Basile left the company earlier this year, was previously a senior V-P at Fusion-io. Earlier in his career, Bradford was an executive at Novell (s NOVL), which explains a quote in Fusion-io’s funding announcement that was offered by Google (s GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt, who employed Bradford at Novell. I would have found it more interesting if Google were buying Fusion-io’s drives. Read More about Fusion-io Gets $47.5M and Flash Storage Gets Interesting