Six Tips for Supercharging Safari


Although Safari improves with every version released, it remains difficult for one browser to cater for everyone’s needs. Firefox has successfully approached this problem through the use of Add-Ons, but Safari continues to lack any widely promoted form of plugin or extension functionality.

Despite this, I still remain a huge fan of Safari’s simplicity and speed and am reluctant to switch to another browser. Fortunately, several different methods remain for enhancing and “supercharging” Safari. Today I’ll be taking a look at six applications and tweaks for getting more out of Apple’s latest browser — from saving passwords more effectively to downloading video content. Read More about Six Tips for Supercharging Safari

Modernizing The Problem

When will Apple move into the modern world of email management? Even with version 3.5 (included with the latest OS 10.5.5 update), users of the application are stuck with some pretty cryptic email management paradigms. Why are we stuck with email folders? How about those ahem, powerful email threads? Let me elaborate…

I use both (personal) and Microsoft Entourage (corporate) as my daily communication tools. Both are feature rich applications that apparently meet the needs for their user base. I prefer due to its performance and extensibility (it also has better support of MobileMe than Entourage does, with respect to MobileMe accounts/email aliases).

My overall email load is probably average. I see about 10-20 personal emails per day and over 100 in the corporate environment. I do not subscribe to many lists, so this keeps my email pared down and relatively focused.
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Quick Look Plugins List

Apple’s Quick Look has quickly become a feature I use on a daily basis. It’s integration with Finder (and other apps) is done so well that it’s become second nature to use it.

One thing that’s becoming clear is that Apple’s developers had the end user in mind more than we thought by making Quick Look extremely easy to extend.

Jon MacDonald realized this and has started compiling a solid list of Quick Look plugins.

My favorite plugin by far is qlcolorcode, which gives Quick Look some syntax-highlighting magic.