Apple is reportedly buying podcast app Swell

Apple (s AAPL) is buying the iOS podcast app Swell for $30 million, according to a Recode report. The transaction, which hasn’t been confirmed by either Apple or the Swell team, looks like a talent acquisition, as the app is reportedly being shut down later this week. Swell is one of a number of apps that puts a new spin on podcasts by streaming shows directly to mobile phones and using content recommendations for better discovery.

EFF files to invalidate troll’s abusive podcasting patent

It’s a sad fact that patent trolling is pretty much everywhere these days, with businesses large and small — and even Martha Stewart — among the victims. But the Electronic Frontier Foundation is trying to take down one troll, Personal Audio, by filing to invalidate the company’s patent — in which it claims to have invented podcasting. The EFF has raised more than $75,000 to challenge Personal Audio, which has spent the year harassing popular podcasters and slammed three television networks with lawsuits. Now, it’s up to the EFF to hurdle through the red tape.

Bootstrapping the CNN of tech: the story of TWiT

Many still view TWiT as a podcast network, but Leo Laporte and his CEO Lisa Kentzell have big ambitions for live video streaming. The duo gave us a tour of their new studio and talked about the virtues of bootstrapping and their plans for TWiT.

TechUniversity Freebie: Publishing a Podcast

Today we’ve got a full-length TechUniversity freebie for you! Embedded below is a 19 minute screencast on publishing a podcast with GarageBand and some other tools. We’ll walk you through how to export your podcast and get it published!

TechUniversity Freebie: Intro to Recording a Podcast

Today we’ve got a full-length TechUniversity freebie for you! Embedded below is a 17 minute screencast on recording a podcast with GarageBand. We’ll walk you through what equipment you need and how to record and export your podcast with GarageBand.