AT&T Gives Web Video on TV a Boost

The agreement unveiled by ON Networks and AT&T yesterday isn’t just about web shows moving to TV, it’s another step toward seamlessly integrating your web video and television watching experiences.

To refresh, ON Networks will provide four of the online shows for use on AT&T’s (T) U-verse IPTV and HomeZone satellite services. At first blush, this is no big deal, since depending on how you look at it, there are already a few ways for online shows to make the jump from the Internet to the TV.

You can have a video podcast up on iTunes that gets downloaded to your PC and transmitted to your TV via Apple TV (AAPL) (or similar set-up). This, obviously, requires a PC, a transmitter and a TV (and you still have your cable or satellite box if you watch regular TV).

Last month, PodShow content was added to TiVo. This removed the computer from the equation and better integrated watching web video into your regular TV watching lifestyle — if you have TiVo (TIVO).

The ON/AT&T deal, however, takes us another step forward.

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Halo 3 Sold, Videoed, Hacked, And Leaked

First it was a grainy video capture of the game’s final cut scene. Now it’s the whole game. A week away from its official release on Sept. 25, Microsoft’s (MSFT) Halo 3 has reportedly been leaked in its entirety onto the Internet, according to Max Console. At this rate, 2009’s Halo movie should be available for download before you finish plugging in your new XBox 360 Elite.

The path to full exposure has been a short one. A shaky, six-minute-long video of the final cut scene from Halo 3 was posted on YouTube last week, revealing the fate of Master Chief. Although the spoiler video was pulled from YouTube when Microsoft claimed copyright infringement, it has since been reposted all over the web. Earlier this week a UK retailer broke the street date, selling “a small number” of real copies of the game. [digg=]
The game can now be found on eBay, going for over $200. Then, sometime last night, copies of the entire game starting appearing on torrent sites. The game’s posting has been credited to the hacking group “Paradogs.”
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Can PlayStation Home save PS3?

GigaGamez: Unless Sony turns the online community model on its head, it’s doubtful Home will become anything more than a value-add for PS3 owners for two reasons. First, as we briefly mentioned on Wednesday, social media only thrives via a low barrier to entry, and the $600 PS3 price tag is anything but. Continue Reading….

Control your folders with Folder Marker

Folder_maker_2_1I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the plain manila-looking folders in Windows XP. You’d think that Microsoft would get out to a Staples or Office Depot and see how far the folder industry has progressed, but they haven’t. Have no fear: Folder Maker is here! The free Folder Marker application enhances your folder views by allowing you to easy change the color of folders and even assign a “work status” to a folder, similar to a task progress indication.

Folder Marker adds a “Mark Folder” option in your folder context menus, so there’s no program to search for when you want to manage a folder. Just click the option and you’ll see all of your folder marking options in a jif!


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GMail invites

Like everybody else I have 50 GMail invites to give away.  Email me your name and email address and I’ll get it to you.

Pocket PC Tools reviews OnCourse Navigator 4

OcnDana Edwards of Pocket PC Tools has written a very thorough review of the OnCourse Navigator 4 GPS package.  OnCourse Navigator is one of the first (if not the first) navigation programs to fully support VGA in both portrait and landscape on those devices running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.  Dana has tons of screens and it is easy to determine how OnCourse might benefit the reader so check out the complete review.  BuyGPSnow also has a video demo of OnCourse Navigator and offers it in several packages with GPS receivers.

Earthlink, Broadband is the only good news

Earthlink, the ISP most people tend to overlook is getting a big boost from Broadband, according to Atlanta-based company’s latest earnings reports. The company now has 1.4 million broadband subscribers, and 4 million narrow band subscribers. Despite the shift, the company is slashing its full year subscriber growth from 300-to-400,000 subscribers to 231,000-to-271,000 subscribers. I assume that is because the phone companies are seriously putting a dent into its growth because of cut rate plans in places like Detroit. Things are getting rough for the company, much like the problems faced by AOL. Ironically MSN is making ton of money.

“It was a bad quarter,” said Mark May, an analyst at Kaufman Brothers, who downgraded the stock to “sell” from “hold.” “They’re having problems on the subscriber and revenue side. Those issues only got worse this quarter.”

Looking ahead, Earthlink’s Broadband subscriber growth is good news for Covad Communications, which is the wholesale DSL provider for the ISP.

A new chip star in the making has a longish piece on Infinera, an optical chip start-up that has developed a break through product that will lower the cost of building and maintaining data networks exponentially.

Infinera’s two chips are part of an entire system it is marketing to networking companies like Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks and telecommunications giants like AT&T. Infinera makes not only the chips but the networking card and software in a compact box that takes up one-tenth the space of a conventional system.

The article is skimpy on details, but still a good introduction. If you want more details, well there is more by yours truly. I had written a big cover story for the real Red Herring back in the day. More recently, I had written about the impact of “micro-opticals” on the future of telecom. (A more indepth look is in here!)

As a passing thought, most of the current Silicon Valley champs – Oracle, Cisco etc were created during deep recession/tech downturn. Infinera is following that same curve.