Apple squared, (four)squared

What should Apple do with its $110 billion pile of cash? Buy Foursquare and Square, says Mor Naaman. Apple would immediately become a giant payments company, and it could completely take over the local point-of-sale market. In this article, Naaman makes his case for the deal.

VeriFone turns payment disruption into a services business

VeriFone is looking to become not just a seller of point-of-sale terminals but a provider of managed services for merchants, whic will need help in transitioning to new alternative payment systems like NFC. VeriFone projects half its revenue in 2015 will be from services.

Own raises $1.2M to remake the point-of-sale terminal

Own, a Detroit-based startup, is building its own tablet-based point-of-sale technology that enables merchants to tie all of their payments, analytics, social media and deals into one experience. It just announced $1.2 million in seed funding and is moving its headquarters to San Francisco.