Google vs. Apple: The acquisition showdown

Apple and Google have both picked up multiple smaller companies in recent years, and even some larger ones like Motorola(s mmi), and both can afford to grab more. It can be hard to keep straight who bought what when, but this graphic should set things straight.

Motives and Possibilities for a Big Apple Acquisition

The tech industry has a new favorite sport: guessing who Apple will buy with its $50 billion-plus cash hoard. Since October 18, when Steve Jobs mentioned the company was keeping its powder dry for possible deals, speculation over potential Apple acquisitions has run rampant and even includes household names like Sony and Disney.

Report: Apple Acquires Poly9 Mapping Company

According to reports from the Quebec City newspaper La Soleil, Apple has recently acquired Poly9, a Canadian online mapping design house. The employees have apparently relocated to Cupertino where they will work on Apple’s mapping team.