Polycom wants to build a modern conference call that doesn’t suck

Conference calls and collaboration needs an overhaul to fit better in this consumer-oriented VoIP, video and social age. Too many platforms, complicated dial-ins and keeping clients up to date, make the experience miserable. Polycom wants to change that, with new software. Yes, software.

Wah! Wah! Mommy, Skype won’t play with me

European Union’s decision to approve the Microsoft & Skype merger without any objection isn’t sitting well with Cisco, the unified communications giant who is worried that Microsoft will use Skype to dominate the video calling industry. Sour grapes for a company caught in it own business-model.

Why (almost) free will win the video conferencing game

The video conferencing market is getting inundated with new products focused on bringing collaboration tools to the large number of small and medium-sized businesses that can’t afford a traditional teleconference room. But will they be able to compete with products that are already “good enough”?

Fuze Telepresence Connect hopes to solve interoperability woes

One of the major drawbacks with traditional room-based telepresence installs is that systems from different vendors are typically incompatible with each other. Video conferencing and online meeting provider FuzeBox, makers of the Fuze Meeting service, announced Fuze Telepresence Connect, which hopes to overcome these interoperability problems.

HP Bows out of Video Conferencing as Polycom Buys Its Halo Biz

Video conferencing company Polycom is moving upmarket by agreeing to buy the assets of HP’s Visual Collaboration business, including its Halo Products and Managed Services division, in a $90 million deal that will put Polycom in more direct competition with Cisco

High-Quality Calls with Polycom Conference and Desk Phones

Just about every business-oriented VoIP phone, and even many cellphones, come with a speakerphone these days. But such speakers are often poor, and I decided to see how much difference a really good phone could make, like the Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 conference phone.

Why Juniper’s Polycom Partnership Is Destined to Fail

Juniper and Polycom will deliver products and services to answer the looming threat Cisco plays in the videoconferencing space. But by taking a page from Cisco’s playbook, they may have doomed themselves to failure. Instead of marrying the network and device, they should open things up.

OnSIP Hosted PBX: A Business Phone System With Lots of Options

OnSIP, from Junction Networks, offers professional, flexible, business-oriented Internet phone systems for business that could be a good value, depending on your needs.

What You Get

OnSIP offers most of the features one would expect from such systems, including call routing, voicemail, business hours rules, and advanced features like on-demand conference bridging and text chat from your browser. The service doesn’t offer faxing, though. Read More about OnSIP Hosted PBX: A Business Phone System With Lots of Options