There’s gold in them thar batteries

The lithium air battery has long been over hyped — now add a pot of gold to the end of that rainbow. Scientists at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland have been using gold to make a prototype of a lithium air battery.

Feds give $54M to cut manufacturing energy use

Funding innovation and manufacturing (and job creation) is a big theme in this election year for Obama’s administration. The DOE announced Tuesday that it’s giving away $54 million to 13 projects for technologies that will help manufacturers reduce energy use and lower production costs.

Why the lithium air battery is over hyped

IBM has made a lot of noise about its lithium air battery, which it says can hold as much energy in a given volume as gasoline can. But General Motors isn’t all that convinced that lithium air battery technology is worth the investment.

PolyPlus: Water Batteries Could Be Comin’ Soon

Batteries made of lithium and seawater (or just plain tap water for that matter) could be on their way to a marine market near you. That’s courtesy of technology from ARPA-E grant winner PolyPlus.

10 Companies to Watch for out of ARPA-E

Early-stage, high-risk, and potentially game-changing — those are a few things all the companies that have been funded by the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program have in common. I’m at the ARPA-E Summit this week and here are 10 companies to watch for.