Streaming porn viewers hit with threatening legal letters in Germany

Many users of the pornographic streaming-video service Redtube have received letters asking them to pay hundreds of euros per viewed clip. The illegality of viewing streams of copyright-infringing material is questionable, as are the methods used to identify the users.

In furor over rape and incest porn, ebook retailers aren’t the only ones to blame

Self-published rape and incest porn available through ebook retailers is fueling media outrage in the UK. As a result, some retailers have taken drastic action. But the retailers aren’t the only ones to blame: Some self-published authors are also employing techniques to ensure that their books stay ahead of filters.

Why the UK’s porn filter plans are just an illusion

The British government is considering once again whether to apply mandatory filters to block all adult content on the internet. But what’s the point of campaigning for a technological solution when the technology itself doesn’t work properly?