Collaboration on the move has a long way to go, survey finds

A new survey by collaboration tools company reveals that working while you’re on the go is far from painless, finding that while mobile working is hugely common, remote collaboration tools are still slowing productivity, leading to errors and causing headaches.

DARPA-backed start-up builds iPhone sized X-Ray machines

Tribogenics, which spun out of DARPA-backed physics project at UCLA, announced today it has raised $2.5 million from Flywheel Ventures and other angels to build X-Ray machines the size of thick iPhones. The company is using a new technology to create X-Rays from static electricity.

Why a 15-inch MacBook Air is only a matter of time

Not one but two reports say Apple is now working on an ultrathin 15-inch Mac notebook, with one claiming that a 17-incher is also on the way. Apple has long been preparing for this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those preparations bear fruit this year.