Straight talk for businesses considering an iOS app

IOS development is not for the faint of heart, and a new blog post by developer Kent Nguyen does a good job of pointing out exactly why. Nguyen targets those who would be footing the bill for app development, in the hopes of lessening sticker shock.

The top gadgets at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Macworld | iWorld had some fantastic products. Ignoring anything that wasn’t actually shipping, since so many products never actually make it to market , here are my top picks from the show. They include most iDevice companions, but also one product any Mac user wil love.

Analyst: China could bring 57M iPhone bump by 2013

Apple’s iPhone was a hot seller in the company’s first fiscal quarter of 2012, but that’s nothing compared to what one analyst predicts we could see in just a couple of years’ time. Morgan Stanley thinks Apple’s efforts in China could pay big dividends by 2013.

Analyst expectations up again ahead of Apple earnings call

In a note to investors today, Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu discussed his company’s expectations for Apple’s earnings call Tuesday afternoon, which were up once again from earlier predictions. Wu’s revised estimate joins a chorus of rosy outlooks about the Mac-maker’s performance.

LunaTik Antik review: An accessory for your iPod nano accessory

iPod nano watch bands are common, with lots of options for Apple’s tiny touchscreen media player. But Scott Wilson’s Minimal design studio is trying something a little different, by taking the iPod nano out of the equation completely with its new line of Antik watch modules.

Hands on with Apple’s iTunes U: An education

In university, I used a single clipboard/portfolio to store my notes from every class, then mostly piled the day’s work on the floor according to subject matter. Apple’s iTunes U app makes keeping track of course material ridiculously easy compared to my days of academic foraging.

Apple to help “reinvent the curriculum” with new iTunes U

Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue announced a revamp of iTunes U on Thursday, designed to help teachers create full online courses instead of just creating videos or lectures. The new iTunes U will have its own app, which is similar to iBooks.

Woz loves Android, but iPhone is still good for most

My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.

Speaking to Dan Lyons in an article comparing the iPhone to Android devices, Apple(s aapl) co-founder, Steve Wozniak points out the relative limitations of Apple’s iPhone. Woz makes the case made by many smartphone power-users, suggesting the iPhone is still a great device for most people, but with a little effort and understanding, more can be done to an Android (s goog) phone. Greater customization and user control have always been key selling points for Android devices; both the high-end smartphones and even the low-cost units.
Another interesting tidbit from Lyons’ article: unlike me, Woz prefers the Motorola Droid Razr (s mmi) over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Really, Woz? Are you running a custom ROM or are you suggesting that Android 4.0 isn’t as good as its predecessor? Oh well; that’s the beauty of Android: To each his or her own!

Uh-oh, PC: Half of computing device sales are mobile

Is the PC “dead”? Of course not, but if you don’t see the trend moving away from local / desktop computing and towards mobile / cloud computing, you’re missing the sales figures for each market: Nearly 50 percent of recent device sales are mobile.